The Touta estate: environment, flora and fauna

The Touta estate is located north-western Morocco about 55 km from the Atlantic Ocean, in the Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer region. The Touta estate lies in a major part of Morocco's olive and grape plantations.

It is surrounded by an agricultural area with a variety of vegetation, eucalyptus forests in a hilly landscape, a national park and the 'Maamoura' forest.

The cultivation of a variety of flowers and fruit ensures an organic dynamic balanced territory. You will find lemons, oranges, figs, apricots, plums, pears, cactus figs and pomegranates. Bees are also kept.

The soil and the sunny climate together make the geographical location ideal for producing a premium olive oil.


Reproduction, harvesting and pressing

On the Touta estate, olive trees each stand in a cultivation frame of 4 m x 5 m. Using an irrigation drop system, the area is supplied with water from natural water sources. Sustainable nature development and good tree management play an important role. No chemical products or processes are used in the production.

The green olives are handpicked by the end of October, before they are completely ripe and contain less oil. The intense and powerful full taste with a slightly spicy and slightly bitter test is partly determined by this. The fresh harvest is taken daily to a nearby olive mill, which is equipped with high-tech machines. The olives are removed from residual branches and leaves, washed and then pressed by means of a two-phase system to olive oil. Early picking of olives, along with fast processing and good geographical characteristics, is a perfect way to produce the best quality olive oil with good organoleptic and aromatic qualities.



Extra virgin olive oil, rich in monounsaturated fats, is one of the purest and healthiest fats out there. It is one of the main components of a healthy Mediterranean diet. It contains all kinds of natural antioxidants, such as Vitamin A, C and E, and polyphenols.

Oliove adapts to a healthy lifestyle and diet and is a taste of Mediterranean culture in your home. The way you cook and eat is the same as the way you live your life. Simple, everyday pleasures are enriched when mixed with Mediterranean passion. A taste for life!

For the well-being of body and mind, olive oil has also been used in cosmetics and perfumes since ancient times.

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